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Pay Less For Your Next Smartphone or Electronic Device

Smartphones Need a new phone? Want a new Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry smartphone, but don't want to add another 2 year extension to your contract? Spiralfive specializes in the sale of new and used contract-free smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other electronic devices. Looking to sell your old device for cash? Spiralfive does that too.

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14-Day Defect-Free Warranty

Purchase Guarantee Make your purchase with confidence knowing you can return most items sold by Spiralfive within 14-days of receieving the item, if found to be defective. Certain exclusions apply.

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Shop the Spiralfive eBay Store Inventory is constantly changing as new devices are acquired.Check back often for inventory updates or contact support if you are seeking a specific device. New items are listed upon availability.

Affordable Nationwide Wireless Service, Without A Contract

Page Plus Authorized Dealer

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With flexible pay as you go pricing and unlimited talk and text plans starting at just $39 per month, Page Plus has a solution for everyones wireless needs. And with coverage on one of America's largest wireless networks, your phone works where you need it while saving you money without making any compromises.

Reduce Electronic Waste

According to EPA estimates, more than 50 million tons of E-Waste are produced each year worldwide. By re-using working devices that would otherwise be needlessly disposed of, E-Waste can be greatly reduced.

Better Boxes, Less Waste

Environmentally Friendly By utilizing smaller, stronger boxes, less waste is generated through packaging items. In most cases packaging materals, such as bubble wrap, are also recycled - further reducing waste.